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Preliminary survey results indicate that 31.1% of managed honey bee colonies in the United States were lost during the 2012/2013 winter. This represents an increase in loss of 9.2 points or 42% over the previous 2011/2012 winter’s total losses that were estimated at 21.9%. This level of loss is on par with the 6 year average total loss of 30.5%.
On average, U.S. beekeepers lost 45.1% of the colonies in their operation during the winter of 2012/2013. This is a 19.8 point or 78.2% increase in the average operational loss compared to the previous winter (2011/2012), which was estimated at 25.3%. The difference between average loss and total loss is explained by the respondent pool: while a majority of the respondents (95%) were backyard beekeepers, they managed a small fraction of the colonies represented in the survey (6%). For this reason total loss (which is more heavily influenced by commercial beekeeper losses) is more representative of national losses.
Survey participants indicated that they considered a loss rate of 15% as “acceptable,” but 70% of them suffered losses greater than this.

Planet’s dead. 

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"The idea that our minds should operate as high-speed data-processing machines is not only built into the workings of the Internet, it is the network’s reigning business model as well. The faster we surf across the Web—the more links we click and pages we view—the more opportunities Google and other companies gain to collect information about us and to feed us advertisements. Most of the proprietors of the commercial Internet have a financial stake in collecting the crumbs of data we leave behind as we flit from link to link—the more crumbs, the better."

Opportunities and suprises

Everyday is a new day. I’m not going to argue with that statement, because i seize each day as an opportunity to venture new things and experiences. 

Hearing and seeing unexpected events or news can be a good surprises. I love surprises. Any kind of surprises is good for me, so you know that I’m alive and still breathing and not caught up with life (cause life can takes up a lot from you and make you forget to breathe and look whats around you).

…carpe diem…

somewhere in the ocean. 

taken in Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, Victoria.

Leaving them behind

The basic principle of my life is you cant please everyone. However, you change yourselves for others to like you rather than changing for ourselves. I’m guess I made a big mistakes and felt like a donkey fell into the pit for…….more than once. Yes. 

Good luck to you. You always be remembered. 

Getting together

Being together with your mates is the most wonderful feeling in the world. As we talked to another, you get the sense of who they are. 

“Following others wont take you anywhere but following your hearts will take you to places beyond your imagination.”